Quick Update, Now with Conan

elephanttower5I’ll keep this brief. In my limited spare time I’ve been working on a couple of projects that I can hardly wait to reveal… but must. One of them is going to be of great interest to sword-and-sorcery fans, and the other is research for a genre I’ve never written in.

Most time, though, has gone to the creeping progress towards the conclusion of the revision of book 1 of my big new series. And darned if I can’t really talk too much about that, either. I just hope all of this hard work is going to pay off.

It’s probably no fun to read such a mysterious entry, so let me point you towards something fairly cool. Hocking noticed this a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to share it. Here’s an essay about Conan and Robert E. Howard that manages to see things from a new and insightful perspective. I especially like the part where the writer calls out the perception of “failings” in the execution of “The Tower of the Elephant.”

Right — back to the salt mines.

10 Comments on “Quick Update, Now with Conan

  1. Good luck on the writing, and I’m looking forward to your announcements. And thanks for the link. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Thank you, Keith. I appreciate that. Let me know what you think of that article!

  2. I’m calling it now. You’re going to be writing your own Conan pastiche. Or maybe Red Sonja…

    • Hah! Well, I can’t say I haven’t dreamed about writing some Conan. If someone were to offer me the chance to write for the new comic I’d be all over that.

      But that’s not the secret project (nor is Red Sonja involved).

      • Oh man, I generally maintain radio silence for the most part, but I just gotta ask what we need to do to get you writing for Darkhorse!?! I’ve had the comic on my pull list since it started and the quality, in my opinion, peaked with the second series and has since been on the decline. But with Howard Jones with the reins? All could be redeemed!!

        • Hey Jason — I wish I knew! I think it would be an uphill battle. I haven’t ever written for the comics and I don’t have ANY connections at Darkhorse, so it seems pretty unlikely, alas. Maybe if this new series becomes hugely popular…

          • Ahhh, I feared as much – but hey a fan can dream. Of course it’s more than a little exciting to see that there’s more of your own stuff on its way!!

  3. Well damn, I was leaning towards Conan pastiche as well! That would be so cool. The powers that be NEED to produce a Conan tribute anthology. Toss out invitations to the best S&S influenced writers of today, 10,000-25,000 word limit short stories, and voila! Instant classic! Tor made a big mistake going for full length novels in such profusion back in the 80’s and 90’s. Conan lives best in the short story/novella format.
    However, you do use the term “sword and sorcery ” when describing your upcoming project. Dare I hope for real, old-school S&S? Yeah, I bet it is. You know the stuff…;)

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