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hulk computerThere’s a lot going on here, mostly because I’m in a writing frenzy. First, I changed my opinion on those Conan graphic novels I wrote about last week, and you can find the updated article here.

Second, I’ve been playing a neat game a friend got me for Christmas, a solo card game where you’re helping Robinson Crusoe survive on his island. I’ll have a detailed review eventually, but for now — two thumbs up.

Third, my friend Brad, he who gifted the above mentioned Friday card game, also gave me a copy of the new Dark Horse Conan collection, King Conan: The Conqueror. Wow, its that a good read. More details on that are to come as well.


4 Comments on “Quick Update

  1. With all these conan posts I have to ask. Have you read the early darkhorse Conan volumes by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord? I would love to read your opinion on those.

    • Hey Mormegil,

      I used to own all of the Busiek and Nord volumes, but because it’s been a long while I can’t point to specific instances of what I did and didn’t like. I know that I liked Nord’s artwork pretty well, and I enjoyed the stories, but it says something that when money got a little tight I parted with most of the collections, apart from Volume 1, which I rather liked. By contrast, I don’t imagine that I’ll ever part with the Roy Thomas Conans or the Savage Swords I’ve mentioned in previous posts, or the Roy Thomas Dark Horse comics, or the King Conan Dark Horse graphic novels.

      I DO own the two Savage Sword of Kull volumes but I haven’t yet read them. I look forward to doing so.

  2. Howard,
    Read a post on BlackGate.com about Paizo Pathfinder novels, and heard you have one coming to us in Feb.
    I’d love to hear some author insight, so consider that my wish for a near-future blog post!

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