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Behind the scenes here at Casa Jones I’ve been working on promotional stuff for The Bones of the Old Ones, helping steer a map for the next book into shape (yes, Bones will have a map!) and drafting a very long Worldcon report for Black Gate.

Thus I will keep today’s post very short. I need to get to some actual prose writing. More soon, I promise. Maybe I can even tease you a bit with the map when it’s finalized…

One Comment on “More Soon

  1. I love having a good map to flip to when reading a novel! I’m currently going through George RR Martin’s A Dance with Dragons, and am constantly flipping to the dog-eared maps at the front. They’re kind of frustrating, though, because they give little excerpts, but it’s tough to determine how the pieces fit together in the whole. Context is important!
    But I’d love to see a map of 8th Century Baghdad. I was stationed in Ad Dujayl, a little village due north of Baghdad… but probably not big enough to warrant a mention on a map 1,000 years ago.

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