Link Man!

The other day I was joking with my sixteen-year-old son that there really ought to be a superhero who could defend Internet users from slow or broken links. (Because that would be ridiculous, of course, and we’re pretty decadent and spoiled to be complaining about slow internet connections when people are dying in the streets in other parts of the world. I thought I should mention that in case any of you actually thought I was serious.)

The next thing I knew he’d drawn up three pics, which I scanned mere moments before my printer/scanner died for the last time. Here, then, is the work of Darian Jones, provided for your amusement. Click to embiggen. Tomorrow I’ll get to some GenCon recapping.

pic copyright Darian Jones


Who will save Maggie from dull and broken internet links? How can she Like anything on Facebook?



pic copyright Darian Jones


Why it’s Link Man, defender of safe, interesting, and swift loading internet content! And he’s here to stop the menace of The Spinner!


pic copyright Darian Jones


 Link Man Triumphs again!

2 Comments on “Link Man!

  1. Yeah, the expression on the damsel cracked me up. I also like all the fine print on the villain’s costume. I don’t know how he does these perspectives without reference or, seemingly, much effort. He just sees it in his head and puts it to paper. Seems like magic to me.

    I’m told that he modeled the look of Link Man off of me and that he just changed the hair color. I’m not sure what to think of that, because Link Man kind of looks like a doofus… except he has a better build than I do. Does that mean I look like even more of a doofus than Link Man? Sigh.

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