Golden Juicebox

I just learned the other day that I’d been awarded a Juicebox from Staffer’s Book Review, specifically for the best book Justin Landon had read in 2012 that wasn’t FROM 2012. Among other things, Landon wrote this about The Desert of Souls:

By embracing that past, infused with Arabian Nights and early 20th century fantasy, Jones captures what is best about outmoded forms of fiction without any of the of negative trappings. Many will call Howard Andrew Jones a writer of historical adventure fantasy. It’s an accurate description, but one that sells him woefully short. Desert of Souls is a masterful novel that resonates on a meta-fictional level that’s rarely equaled.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.
That made my day.

In other news, I am still riding across Golarion, righting wrongs, slaying past participles, and editing the second novel-length adventure of Elyana Sedrastis. It’s taking most of my focus, but I am unable to resist more and more brainstorming on some secondary world fantasy ideas that are percolating so nicely I may have to put them on the front burner.

I still haven’t decided whether I can make it to WorldCon this year, but I’m definitely looking forward to being at GenCon. The writer’s track there is looking to be even more interesting than it was last time.