Crossing The Streams

Another Crossing the Streams contest has ended. I’ve chosen my favorite entry, randomly selected another, and sent all entries over to Ari Marmell, who will pull one at random so that one lucky person will get one free book from ALL of the authors in the contest. That grand prize winner will be announced next week some time.

To enter my contest you had to  name your favorite sword-and-sorcery/heroic fiction novel/story that has NOT been made into a movie, and explain why it should happen.

Through those entries I read about a lot of work I’d never heard of, and I read about some suggestions I happento agree should long ago have been made into movies… although no one mentioned The Chronicles of Amber, which I personally feel should be converted into a trilogy as soon as possible. I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet. Oh, if it does, can  I PLEASE be involved in the script writing? Even if I’m just like the xerox boy?

There might be a little more radio silence for the next few days as I bear down hard on a writing project. Maybe I’ll set up a few more article reprints…