Bones Out the Door

I’ve processed the suggested changes and comments from the copyeditor and sent The Bones of the Old Ones back to the publisher. Now I’m taking a little time off to spend with the family. I hope all of you can enjoy the same kind of happy and safe Memorial Day weekend I’m experiencing myself.

2 Comments on “Bones Out the Door

  1. One step closer, then. Excellent. I continue to look forward to this one, and also was glad to read in an earlier post that your post-surgery recovery is going well (of course, I was also only aware that you had the surgery via the same post, so I experienced it all in one fell swoop, which is definitely the best way to encounter this kind of information in my opinion).

    Best wishes to you and yours and, belated though it be, my Memorial Day weekend was fantastic. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Jason. The knee is doing well enough that I spent 4 hours fixing the horse fence yesterday and was only limping around near the end as my leg got tired.

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