Make Your Pledge!

Tales 1The skull has risen with the full moon! At long last the Kickstarter for the new sword-and-sorcery magazine has launched!

Visit here to pledge your shekels, and ready yourself for adventure!

14 Comments on “Make Your Pledge!

  1. What a pleasant surprise!
    My cynical self kept thinking, when you said an announcement was forthcoming, was that the announcement will be “Kickstarter will launch in one month!”

    Nope already launched! Pledged at “Legion of the Skull” level!


  2. Howard, you guys need to get this this up on Black Gate!
    Not that I think you’ll need the help (not even a day in, and half way there), but still… stretch goals!

  3. The Skull! It’s—it’s Alive! IT LIVES!
    Ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahh! Choke-cough-spit-gasp. Hah.

    It funded in, like, three hours.
    That’s encouraging. Good show Howard.

      • Well, he’s writing some stories set in that world. I think you’ll be pleased.

    • I’m excited. I KNOW there are more than 200 something sword-and-sorcery fans out there. I want to find a way to reach more of them!

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