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raidersSo here’s a cool thing: a kickstarter for a brand new sword-and-sorcery e-zine from some real sword-and-sorcery experts. The mag’s going to be called Skelos, and it’s masterminded by none other than Mark Finn, Chris Gruber, and Jeffrey Shanks, Robert E. Howard scholars all. Hearing that these three are behind it fills me with glee — I look forward to reading whatever treasures they unearth, and, heck, I look forward to submitting some day as well.

I hope you’ll join me in backing this one.

In other news, I’m closing on the conclusion of the second major arc of my new book. It seems hard for me to believe, but I might actually be finished with the rough draft for the whole thing by the end of the month. This arc should conclude no later than early next week, and then I’ve got a couple of chapters from minor arcs to draft. This is pretty rough still, and some of it is mostly framework with dialogue, but it feels solid. I suppose I’ll know how solid after I let it sit unread for a few weeks and return to it. A writer’s fear is always that it’s much, much worse than you think it is…

7 Comments on “Skelos Magazine

  1. Any ideas where this “new unpublished REH fantasy story” came from?
    I cannot find any reference to it, other than one line in the Black Gate story.

  2. Ah, it appears to be an early iteration of something that morphed in the Hyborian Age essay.

    Also, $100, lifetime print subscription? Man, that’s tempting… even though $100 is a lot of beer money…

    • Hey Mick — sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. I was curious myself, so I’m glad you found out and shared the information!

    • That’s cool! I’m still mulling over whether I want to do the same thing. Seems like a no brainer, but we’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses lately.

      • I’m waiting for the first issue……..sure it will be adequate but ive been tempted before

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