Elyana Rides Again

If it’s been quiet here, that’s because you couldn’t hear the sound of my laptop keys clicking away.

I’ve just turned my second Paizo Pathfinder novel over to, you guessed it, Paizo, and I believe it to be a better adventure than the first. That should please those of you who liked the first one (and perhaps, who knows, interest those who were less kindly disposed). Drelm and Elyana’s second adventure is now in the hands of James Sutter. I’m not sure when it will be released — that will depend in part upon how much editing the text requires and what’s in the queue ahead of it.

I’ve been running at deadlines for the better part of a year and a half now, and it’s taken a real toll on my family. So, for the next week, I’m just going to be doing some fun things WITH that family. The kids are getting older. So am I. Going forward I’m going to try to arrange things so that I’m not constantly frantic about some looming deadline.

I’m not going to be updating the site for an entire week, but then I should be back to my more frequent ramblings, musings, and occasional link suggestions.

I’m very much looking forward to my next book length project, but I’m not going to worry about that now.

I DID wish to mention that I now share a table of contents with a whole bunch of talented writers: Alex Bledsoe, Jennifer Brozek, Orson Scott Card, Glen Cook, Steven Erikson, Ian C. Esslemont, Cecelia Holland, Paul Kearney, Ari Marmell, Janet and Chris Morris, Cat Rambo, Brandon Sanderson, and C.L. Werner. We all contributed essays in the collection Writing Fantasy Heroes, available now from Rogue Blades Entertainment (on Amazon). My essay’s topic is writing about a pair of heroes.

I hope you’ll check it out! My contributor copies have been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now, but I’ve been so busy wielding Drelm’s great axe that I haven’t had a chance to crack open the book and see what suggestions my fellow writers have.