Two Cool Things

horror 1I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy the Savage Worlds game system. I’ve loved every official release, although the only setting I’ve yet played for any length of time is the Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane. I talk about the game herehere, and here.

I ended up liking what Savage Worlds had done so much that I threw my hat in the ring to write some adventures for them. The first will be available in only a few months as part of a trilogy of new horror adventure books.

Volume 1 is out already, and features another Solomon Kane tale, as well as a bevy of terrifying adventures. Check it out here.

My own story turns up in Volume 3, and is probably the closest I’ll ever get to writing Solomon Kane pastiche. When I ran the adventure for my little group I actually  had Solomon Kane himself turn up to help, although he himself doesn’t appear in the adventure I wrote. (In case you’re curious, though, he’s statted up in the main book.)

I’m really enjoying working with the folks at Pinnacle, aka the Savage Worlds people, and I hope soon to talk about a longer project I’m wrapping up for them.

For now, though, the only other news I have is that the first review of my new book is in, and it’s a pretty nice one. Take a look here, at Swords’ Edge.

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  1. Hey Howard, have you tried Dungeon World? I love me some Savage Worlds too…but Dungeon World is even more narrative based… which I think might be a real kick for such a writer oriented dude as yourself. Easy as pie system, very cool… and I’ve run some Sword and Sorcery stuff with it even though it is set up to ape D&D tropes.

    • Hey Storn, I’ve never tried Dungeon World. The older I get, the less I like learning new systems. I just can’t seem to grok Fate, although I’ve read a lot of great products for the system. Is Dungeon World like that?

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