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hulk thinkMornings around here have changed. I’ve continued to suffer from sleep issues, which means I drag, and so I’ve been adopting new patterns to try and help. For instance, rather than sitting down and slowly notwriting while I eat breakfast and surf for way more news than even interests me, as soon as my wife leaves I go clean the horse stalls in the morning, then eat breakfast. It gets the blood moving and wakes me up, but it means I’m not plunked in front of the laptop until 10:15 or 10:30, by which time I don’t feel like I’ve got enough time for any kind of lengthy blog post.

I’m allegedly reading War and Peace in the evenings, but I’ve only managed 40 pages. What with the sleep issues, I’m pretty zonked by 8:00 in the evening or so, and a story from The Savage Sword of Conan omnibus collection I own feels much more like my speed.

kanouseHere’s three interesting things, though. First, my old friend Patrick Kanouse just sent me his novel The Clearing and I’m looking forward to reading it this month, and not just because it’s considerably shorter than War and Peace. Kanouse is an intelligent and talented writer. I’ve deliberately kept from reading anything about it so the whole thing will be a surprise.

dark citySecond, I used to review Dark City Games products for Black Gate, and noticed the other day that they had some new adventures out. They’re a blast, and I ordered the most recent to round out my collection. Here, go take a look. Hopefully I’ll steal time to talk about them either here or at Black Gate in the near future.

Lastly, we escaped to the movies two weekends ago and saw Kubo and the Two Strings. I ended up liking it much more than I expected, and not just because of the astonishing animation. The story ended up taking me to different places than I expected. Honestly, I believe I enjoyed it more than my wife or daughter. It was a good adventure story with lots of surprises. The fight with the giant skeleton alone might have been worth the price of admission.


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  1. wow, one of my favorite authors is ALSO a fan of Dark City Games? I broke my teeth on so many RPGs as a teen, but my favorite of all was The Fantasy Trip by Metagaming. And Dark City is keeping those great adventures and rule set alive and well. The combat system, while deadly and unforgiving, was always the most realistic to me. So many hours playing Death Test (and 2), Grailquest, Orb Quest and so many duels in the Melee and Wizard arenas.
    Heroes and other Worlds is also based on the old TFT rules
    Nice to see others enjoy the same games as I.

    • I’m a big fan! I never got to see TFT back in the day, although a kind friend got me copies of most of the Melee and Wizard adventures. I was just thinking about finally trying out Grailquest, but, like I said above, I’ve been so energy low in the evenings. Black Gate’s John O’Neill and his eldest son finally cracked it over the summer after trying for years to find the grail!

      I can also report that George Dew, one of the mayors of Dark City, is an incredibly nice guy. I’ve corresponded with him off and on over the last ten years, and he’s a class act.

      • Nice. I’d love to do game reviews for them. I’ve been a food and music reviewer in the past (along with sportswriter, newswriter, copy editor, managing editor, designer), but never a game reviewer. I FINALLY found the Grail. It took several tries. The Dark City adventures are very good.

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