Guilds & Glaives

Here’s the cover of Guilds & Glaives, the upcoming anthology I’m sharing with James Enge and a bunch of other cool folks. It’s not out yet, but it will be soon. Last week I was sent page proofs.

You can still order it if you missed the Kickstarter, by going right here.

Shortly I’m leaving my tower for the long drive up to Chicago and the Windy City Pulp and Paper convention. Hope to see some of you there!



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Catching Up

Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been. Suffice to say it’s been a little busy.

When we moved into this house more than ten years ago we had planned on a basement remodel. Up until now the walkout basement has been bare cinder blocks, but in the last little bit it’s finally getting a makeover. We’ve hired out almost all of the work, but that doesn’t leave me as free to be upstairs writing as you’d think, because I need to check in or be checked with frequently about various little decisions, and then errands have to be run into town to procure various supplies.

Then, with that just under way, we took a vacation to North Carolina, where we hiked around some lovely mountain tops and saw some waterfalls and even reached the height of the largest mountain east of the Mississippi. My daughter and my niece actually hiked all the way up that mountain (Mt. Mitchell).

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Secret Identity Card

So now I have joined the G.G Joe force! Check out my action card, and the rest of the team.




How Captain Kirk Led Me to Historical Fiction

It was Star Trek that got me interested in historical fiction. Not because I’d been watching the crew interact with historical figures on the holodeck—the Next Generation didn’t exist when I was a kid. And it wasn’t because Kirk and Spock once met a simulacrum of Abraham Lincoln. It was because, Star Trek nerd that I was, I’d read that Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry had modeled Captain Kirk after some guy named Horatio Hornblower. I didn’t think I’d like history stories, but I sure liked Star Trek, so I decided to take a chance. Once I rode my bicycle to the library and saw how many books about Hornblower there were, I figured I’d be enjoying a whole lot of sailing age Star Trek fiction for a long time to come. Read More




Collecting Brackett

I’ve read an awful lot of the work of Leigh Brackett, and much of it multiple times. I thought I’d share a photo of some of my favorite of her books.

On the top there is a great short novel, one of my very favorites by her. It’s actually included in the Sea-Kings volume immediately beneath it, but the version in that collection had so many typos I went out and re-purchased another version of the paperback I sent away to Joe McCullough, because when I’m re-reading one of my favorite stories I don’t want to be distracted by errors.

I mentioned the excellence of the compilation beneath it just last week (except for typos). The titular “Best-of” book was compiled by Brackett’s husband and is another one-stop shopping for a sample of Brackett’s best, although neither it nor Sea-Kings has ALL of her best.

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