Winter Madness

Howard ZebrasIt’s been a crazy few days. I slid into my wife’s car with my truck, darn it, and then drove about five hours through a snow storm, white knuckle all the way, to get my first born to a college audition of sorts. Fortunately it went well and the roads on the way back were a lot better. (Tomorrow I take the car in for repair — I wasn’t going very fast, and the truck wasn’t hurt, but the car bumper is shot. I miss steel bumpers. Really, what’s the point of a fiberglass bumper?)

I wasn’t able to post Monday because a tree branch took out our internet, cable, and phone. Next Monday, though, Chris Hocking and I are bringing back Hardboiled Monday, and Friday Bill and I will try to wrap up our Lord Dunsany read.

In other news, I’ve become a TOR author. Paizo Pathfinder novels are now going to be distributed through TOR, and the publishing schedule means that my upcoming book will be the third one released under the joint banner.

My novel revisions are going very well and I’ve got a few other projects on the front burner now that are starting to simmer. I hope to be able to talk about all of it in just a little bit, and talk a little more about some writing strategies I’ve been using on my newest work.

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