You always hear about people who win contests, but they don’t seem like real people. Sometimes it feels like they were invented just for the camera, because you rarely meet them in person.

But the other day I picked up some Special K for the wife with a “you can win an XB0x One” ad on the cover. And lo and behold, there was a magic sticker on the inside. We read it and re-read it, making sure it didn’t ACTUALLY say that we were eligible to win, or that we’d won second place or something… but no, we actually had won a new XBox One, which was unexpected and kind of cool. Kellogg’s mailed it to us just yesterday.

So, thanks Kellogg’s! That’s a pretty cool thing. I’ll open it soon and see if it came with any games.

6 Comments on “Winning

  1. I read somewhere that very few people enter the contests or send away for the free prizes offered on/in cereal boxes, so the actual odds of winning are pretty good, I’ve eve heard of exceptional individuals who actually make a living following up on thousands of free offers, collecting/claiming said prizes and selling them for profit. Crazy…

    • I’ve heard about those people as well. I don’t know how they can continually win. Seems like the odds would be against you. But if most people really don’t pay attention/don’t bother, then I guess maybe the odds go up? Strange.

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