Three Cool Things

snapFirst, while checking the weather forecast this weekend I clicked through on an interesting headline to discover a pretty cool article. Just how many planets could fit in a star’s┬áhabitable zone, anyway?

Second, the spookiest story I’ve heard in a loooong time, courtesy of the folks at Snap Judgment. Definitely worth a listen if you’re in the mood for a good scare!

Third, in case you didn’t know, the election season is almost over. And wow, am I looking forward to seeing it in my rearview mirror. It’s even more annoying than my “n” key being so touchy on this computer that these days I have to click it three or four times before it works. Probably have to take it into the shop for repair. Blech. Which is a word that kind of describes how I feel about this whole election season. At least that should be over in two days, barring a court challenge or someone refusing to concede. My computer will probably be out for repairs for a week.



2 Comments on “Three Cool Things

  1. I listen to WNYC all the time, but only the AM. Still, how I missed Snap Judgment seems nuts. I’m looking forward to listening to this.

    Yeah, I’ll be glad come Wednesday, and good Lord, do I hope the election’s decided decisively. The worst thing I’ve seen are fights on my facebook feed between friends who don’t know each other. Good riddance, election season.

  2. Hey Fletcher,

    FB is a rough place right now, isn’t it? Pretty sure you’ll enjoy Snap Judgment!

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