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MirianI’m still swinging through a number of sites on my tour promoting the new novel. Over the last few days I’ve appeared at two sites, answering some of the most detailed questions I’ve yet been asked over the course of the tour.

Over at My Bookish Ways I talked about a whole range of topics, including how I researched the novel and what I’m currently reading (or looking forward to reading) who my all-time favorite writers are. My laudatory comments about Leigh Brackett were cut for space, but regular site visitors can find my musings on her in other spots on the web, and even in a prior blog tour post.

pool of stars coverGeekDad’s Ryan Hiller is a diver and asked a lot of great questions about how I approached the underwater scenes in the book. He also took a pretty thorough look at this web site prior to the interview so he could ask questions based on what he found. For instance, he got me to talk a little bit more about some of my writing techniques and my favorite role-playing games, even a little about some of my favorite characters. That interview is here.

So, have you bought your copy yet?

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  1. I must confess… I’ve never read Leigh Brackett.
    What would you recommend as a good entry point?

  2. Sea-Kings of Mars used to be the most affordable “best of” collection, printing a vast swathe of her greatest. I would have swapped out some stories for others, especially in the earlier selections, but it’s a really strong volume. Unfortunately, it’s a little more expensive to pick up now days.

    If you’re a Kindle reader, you can pick up a new ebook, cheap, that collects three of the Eric John Stark stories titled The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark. That should give you a good taste.

    If you’re a completist then you’ll eventually want to grab all the wonderful Haffner Press hardbacks that have nearly all the science fiction that Brackett wrote — although if you like that little Kindle collection, Sea Kings of Mars can still be had for under 40, used, and has a great grab bag of most of Brackett’s very best.

    It’s also possible to snag a used copy of The Best of Leigh Brackett fairly cheaply if you don’t have a Kindle, and that’s a good collection (thought not as strong as Sea Kings) that can give you a good look at her writing. Better might be a used paperback copy of The Sword of Rhiannon, a short novel that used to be sold back-to-back with Robert E. Howard’s only Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon. It’s one of my very favorites by her, and if you don’t like that one you probably won’t like anything she wrote.

  3. The paizo Planet Stories line of Brackett are nice books, their Stark books and the Sword of Rhiannon are still available on the paizo site (I think the whole line was discontinued).

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