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If you happen to be in the neighborhood of the Evanville, Indiana Barnes & Noble bookstore on December 15th at 2:00, I hope you’ll swing by my book signing. I’ll be reading from The Bones of the Old Ones and signing any copies of the book you happen to purchase for Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukhah, Robonica, or just because.

I’ll be heading to Terre Haute in early January for a similar event, and am looking to schedule a few other readings/signings in nearby areas. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I hope all of my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was relatively low-key but pretty delicious. I still haven’t managed to get out and catch Skyfall. Hopefully soon. We caught part of a James Bond marathon over the weekend at the in-laws Thanksgiving extravaganza and happened to wander in during some real series low points.

We ended up switching over to The Mummy, because nothing says Thanksgiving like ancient Egyptian horror and mayhem. I have a soft spot for the first Brendan Fraser mummy movie, which I enjoy almost as much as Raiders of the Lost Ark, and for pretty similar reasons. Both movies are fun adventure romps with snappy scripts, great pacing and action scenes, and both know just how seriously they should take themselves. Both succeed wonderfully at exactly what they set out to do. And both are followed by sequels I’m not that fond of. There sure are an awful lot of native casualties, though. I’d like to see a big budget action movie with Arabian protagonists some day…

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    • I completely agree. I saw a simple promo a year or two back for a new Sinbad movie, but haven’t heard anything since. That’s about ALL that I’ve got on the radar in that department.

    • I think, much like Raiders, those involved didn’t quite know how they’d done it right the first time and couldn’t quite figure out how to duplicate it.

      May we avoid a similar fate with our own work!

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