Howard ZebrasI’ve been trying to clear off my spinning plates before things get REALLY busy. I haven’t really managed it completely yet, owing to the fact I think I’m a little worn down from all the frantic stuff. It’s as though my mind is insisting on a longer break than I think I need. I keep letting my attention wander or focusing on the wrong things.

But after some downtime over the last few days my batteries feel a little recharged. Hocking and I are putting finishing touches on a new Hardboiled Monday article, and Bill Ward and I are talking about doing a Harold Lamb re-read of the first book of Khlit the Cossack stories.

I also got my finalized schedule of events for GenCon this year. I’m on some pretty nifty panels. And I need to sign up for some more conventions near year’s end and the start of next because lo and behold I’ll have a new book coming out next spring. Looking forward to getting notes from my editor on it this week.

In other, more mysterious news, both of my mystery projects are coming along, and man, am I excited about the sword-and-sorcery one. It’s all I can do to keep that one under wraps. I do look forward to sharing the details about them both with all of you.

For now, apple in hand (because I haven’t finished breakfast) it’s time to get to work.


3 Comments on “Scheduling

  1. There you go again, teasing us with your cryptic reference to this sword and sorcery project. Without knowing any details, this is one of my most anticipated releases of the year (next to Scott Oden’s magnificent A Gathering of Ravens). Any tidbits you can share would be greatly appreciated…;-)

  2. Hah! Sorry about that. Okay, it’s going to be chock full of tasty short stories that are jammed with sword-and-sorcery goodness. How’s that?

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