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pool of starsI’m nearly through the revisions of my fourth Pathfinder novel, and you know what, I quite like it. I just finished Chapter 6 and it’s one of the finest chapters I think I’ve ever written.

Wish I had the sense that more people were reading these… I’m just not seeing a whole lot of comment about them either out there on the ‘net or even on the Paizo boards. I’m starting to think that those Pathfinder fans who’re reading the books are reading them in the order they were written and haven’t gotten to the more recent books yet, like my third Pathfinder book. And I’m starting to think that maybe people who ordinarily read lots of fantasy don’t read tie-in novels? I dunno.

Right — got to get back to revising. Have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Usually I don’t read tie-in novels, I read some WH40K, but then, I know enough about their setting to understand the background.
    How open are the pathfinder books to people who doesn’t know anything about the game/setting?

    • Hi Jimmy,

      That’s a fair question. I came to Warhammer and WH40K without knowing anything about the backgrounds and fell right in readily enough. I think the Paizo Pathfinder novels are probably even more accessible. All of us are told to make the stories standalone, and all the ones I’ve read try not to bog you down with setting and political details beyond what’s necessary to understand the story within the pages. Certainly I strive to do the same, the hope being someone can wander in without having read a couple of game manuals.

      In the case of BEYOND THE POOL OF STARS and its as yet unpublished sequel, it really feels fairly far removed from other Pathfinder medievalesque fiction with dwarves and elves and chainmail, because these are down in the tropics and the regular features of rpg fantasy just aren’t there.

    • Thanks for the kind words and support, Jimmy, and double thanks for letting other people know you enjoyed it!

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