Out and About

gencon writerI ended up on even more panels than I’d originally signed on for at the GenCon Writer’s Symposium, and I had a great time on them all. Surely¬†the feistiest of exchanges I was involved in was on the Mythology panel moderated by Steve Drew. My fellow panelists were Linda Robertson, Ilana C. Myer, and Anton Stout.

Anton has a cool podcast over at The Once and Future Podcast, and he was recording this panel for his program, so if you’d like, you can hear our passionate exchange about Star Trek. Yeah, I brought up Star Trek as an example of modern mythology and then Anton and I digressed a little into a discussion of what’s wrong with the new movies. Well, it was ME who talked about what was wrong with the new movies, and¬†Anton who defended them. I held myself back, for I didn’t even get into the terrible interpretation of Captain Kirk (not the actor, whom I like, but the writers). Anyway, if you want to hear me with my dander up, you can find that discussion here, and you can likewise find all kinds of cool podcasts throughout the site, including other recorded GenCon panels, and an earlier interview Anton had with me.