Of Hats and Teeth

deckerI’m getting ready to switch hats and work on something else. I’ve been steaming full speed towards the conclusion of my newest book, but, as often happens, a previous book has popped up with editorial comments. This is my fourth Pathfinder Novel, Through the Gate in the Sea. The comments aren’t too extensive, so I hope to finish it before the week’s end and get back to the new book. Of course, if the other book needs more time, I’ll have to give it, because I want it to head to print in the best shape I can manage.

In other news I’ve been enjoying the fantastic weather hereĀ upon the sea of monsters. I’m heading into town in just a few moments to learn just why I have shooting pain when I chew on the right side of my mouth. It’s probably those darned tooth crowns. You see, when my wife and I were first starting out and were very badly off, financially, I thought I could save us a little money by not visiting the dentist for a few years. I had incorrectly reasoned that becauseĀ I brushed and flossed appropriately my teeth would be okay.

Turns out that I was wrong. I ended up with three tooth crowns and root canals. I’m pretty sure that there’s no living root beneath this crown, so I’m not sure where the pain’s coming from, but I assume I’ll know very shortly.


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  1. I once – OK that’s a lie, twice – made the mistake of reasoning, quite incorrectly, that fanatical tooth brushing would be fine and dandy.

    Two root canals later, one of which involved minimal anesthesia and about an hour of a dentist, fresh out of dental school, yanking at the remaining tip of a root in my jaw before simply giving up, I have realized the error of my reasoning!

    Best of health to you.

    • Kamal, I’m very sorry to hear that. I think I know almost exactly what you experienced, and it wasn’t fun.

      It did give me a warning story to share with my kids, though — and now I’ll share yours with them as well. Kids, visit your dentist, or PAIN follows…

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