Mirian Raas

Introducing Mirian Raas, the main character from Beyond the Pool of Stars.

Artist Roberto Pitturru perfectly captured the character. What can I say? I love this art.



4 Comments on “Mirian Raas

  1. Beautiful!
    What’s the occassion? Promo stuff? An appearance in other Pathfinder material?
    Or just the sheer joy of painting?

  2. Hi Mick,

    Nice to “see” you again!

    I’ve got a new book launching, so I’m heavy in promo mode. Also, I love the art. I seem to get really lucky with my Pathfinder artists.

  3. Ok, so old thread. But I’m not sure where else to look or ask.
    So, will this become a trilogy (or more)? I loved the first two Raas stories so far, and I’m waiting on my wife and a couple kids to finish them. I’m hoping you’ve got a third story coming soon.

    Maybe a bit of crossing over between your fairly widely spaced stories at some point too?!

    Thank you for the very enjoyable stories so far.

    • Philip, thanks for writing. I’m pleased you liked the books. I’m pretty proud of them.

      There are several problems with my ability to write more.
      1. The Pathfinder Tales line seems to be on hiatus.
      2. I’ve been super busy working on a new book series for St. Martin’s. Book 1 will shortly be going into production and in an hour here I’ll be getting back to my revision work on book 2.
      3. I’ve been super busy editing the new magazine Tales From the Magician’s Skull. Issue one is already out, issue two is at the printer, and I’m reading stories for issue three.
      4. …and I may be done writing tie-in work. Once you write tie-in stuff, you may get royalties (depending upon the contract) but you don’t own the characters, and you never “owned” the world. You’re getting to play in something that someone else created, which is fine, but… As I approach 50 I think that I’ve decided I want to spend the years in front of me devoted to creating my own stuff… although if someone offered me the chance to write a Conan novel, I might try that…
      5. But then again, I love Raas and Jekka particularly, so I could come back under the right conditions. I had it in mind to pitch a closely connected trilogy following these three. So far Pathfinder Tales has wanted everything to be more or less standalone, but I wanted to follow these first two Raas/Jekka books with an actual trilogy concerned with the weird stones to which Ivrian now has an affinity. Maybe if my next book series does well (the one for St. Martin’s, starting with For the Killing of Kings) I can come back and negotiate with Pathfinder about said trilogy. I don’t know about more Elyana stuff, or working her and Drelm in. I had once pitched the idea of doing some Lisette novels to James Sutter (the former line editor of Pathfinder Tales) and he greenlit it in concept, but I got busy.

      I’ll be discussing the writing of Beyond the Pool of Stars and Through the Gate in the Sea over the next couple of Mondays right here on the site, if you want some more background details on how I put them together.

      Thanks for dropping in!

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