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More reviews of The Bones of the Old Ones are rolling in. I was just alerted to a wonderful one over at Book Page, where I was declared to have maintained the magic of my debut (The Desert of the Souls). No sophomore slump for me in this reviewers eyes. There was other high praise, and were I a truly modest man, I wouldn’t quote it. But I’m not, so I will. Michael Burgin writes:

Howard Andrew Jones’ debut novel was an impressive achievement. An exquisite distillation made from only the finest pulp ingredients, The Desert of Souls introduced readers to Captain Asim and the scholar, Dabir, a potent Watson/Holmes pairing placed in a realm flavored by Arabian Nights rather than Victorian London. (Thank goodness . . . have you tasted Victorian London lately?!) With writing both crisp and evocative and characters both familiar in template yet fresh in execution, The Desert of Souls provided readers with the next best thing to reading the works of Howard, Doyle or Lovecraft for the first time.

But with every sensational freshman effort, there are nearly as many sophomore slumps—could Jones carry over the magic of his debut into the sequel?

Yes. (We’ll forego the suspense.)

Follow this link to read the rest.

Meanwhile, over at Ranting Dragon, The Bones of the Old Ones  is on the top 20 most anticipated spec fic novels of December.

In case you don’t already have it pre-ordered or on your Christmas list, Goodreads is hosting a giveaway of The Bones of the Old Ones. You can go to The Bones of the Old Ones Goodreads page to enter. Three lucky winners will receive a signed copy of the hardback of Bones AND it’s standalone predecessor, The Desert of Souls. Contest winners will be announced on December 19th.



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