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I am delighted to announce that a major studio has optioned the Chronicles of Sword and Sand (AKA the Dabir and Asim novels) and that they’re looking for screenwriter. I’ll release further updates about that as events warrant.

Over at TOR, at their Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe series, I answered some pretty wild questions. Between that and the interview over at Jean Book Nerd I think it’s possible to get a better than usual idea about who I am and what I’m really about. These weren’t the usual “where do you get your ideas” kind of questions, and I had a lot of fun with them.

Also, there a new book give away AND another glowing review of The Bones of the Old Ones, over at Jean Book Nerd, on the same page as the interview.

I WAS going to post today about a great pulp story I read last night from one of those old collections I posted about last week, but I figured everyone would be interested int his news. And to be perfectly honest, I was dying to tell someone!

Lest I forget, there are still a few days left to sign up for the chance to win a free copy of The Bones of the Old Ones and The Desert of Souls, at Reddit. I hope you’ll swing by!


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  1. That’s fantastic news. Congratulations, Howard. I hope they manage to do your work justice.

    • Thanks Jason! I have fingers crossed that it will move from option to actual production, but who can say?

  2. Howard ,

    This is so righteous as to defy hyperbole.

    We are still a long and perilous distance away from any kind of a Dabir & Asim movie.
    But you now have a genuine, true-blue License to Dream about that outrageous possibility actually coming to pass..
    Which has got to feel pretty goddam fine.


    • Thanks, Mighty One. Absolutely it is a long journey from A to B. I know full well that there’s still a far better chance that this will never happen than that it will, but you’re right, it’s no longer a completely pie-in-the-sky dream, and that does feel pretty fine.

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  4. Glorious! Congratulations. When you’re at liberty to, do tell us how the search for a screenwriter works. Do you get to have any input?

    • Hi Sarah — I kind of doubt I’ll have much if any input. A good thing in the case of picking screenwriters, because I don’t know much about them — the producers will have a much better idea than I do about who might be well suited. I believe that they pick them based on both their interest in the source material, their genre interests, and their skill. They show interested parties the books, then ask for a treatment.

      After that, I’m not sure what happens! I hope I get to find out…

  5. That’s great news. Here’s hoping that in couple of years time we’ll all going to our local multiplex to watch Dabir and Asim on the big screen (but not in 3D).

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