Dunsany Friday

saundersI’ve been dispatched down the river Yann on a secret mission, so our re-read of A Dreamer’s Tales will have to conclude NEXT Friday.

For now, here are two items of interest.

First, one of the greatest sword-and-sorcery writers of the ’70s (and one that by all rights should be a household name) has a new book out. Charles Saunders’ newest novel has been covered in glowing detail by Fletcher Vredenburgh at Black Gate. Go check out the review, and buy the book.

Second, if you’re any kind of fan of Barbarian Prince you need to look into a phone app titled The Road of Kings, which was very clearly inspired by the old board game and is great fun, so long as you keep in mind the game experience it’s trying to emulate. I’ll write a longer review, probably at Black Gate, when I get back from my sojourn on the Yann.

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  1. It’s criminal that Saunders’ work is not better known. Of all that era in that genre only Wagner seems to be bandied about as a great, but I think Saunders is better.

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