Dabir and Asim Go to England

I am pleased to announce that the Chronicles of Sword and Sand, aka the adventures of Dabir and Asim, now has a British publisher. The books will be available overseas, beginning in April of 2013, courtesy of Head of Zeus.

Head of Zeus is new on the scene, with an exciting looking line-up of books and talented and experienced¬† in-house staffers. And sure, you might think I’d naturally say that because I’m thrilled to have a British publisher, but there are a number of cool looking series that they already have on board, and they’ve been a delight to work with so far.

I hope to have more exciting news to update you about soon, including some giveaway contests. Watch this space!

Also… The Bones of the Old Ones will be released on December 11. Did I mention the book got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly? I did? Whoops. I hope you won’t mind if I’ve repeated myself a bit there…

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