Bones in the UK

When I returned from my trip to New York City I had a wonderful surprise awaiting me in my e-mail. It was the cover for the UK edition of The Bones of the Old Ones, by the talented Charles Keegan, who created the original hard cover painting for The Desert of Souls.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that they preferred the original cover to the paperback, and I’m already starting to hear from people who prefer this version to the one for the American release. What do you think?


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  1. I loved the original cover, and I adore this. I think the art style matches the tone/style of the story very well, and it’s just so, well, gorgeous. The typography in this one ties in very nicely with the picture, too.

    • Thanks, MK. I agree with you about the typography. My feeble memory seems to recall that you were to have a manuscript coming out this spring. Has it happened? What is it called, and where can it be found?

  2. Well, since you asked… I think I prefer this one. I’ve a certain soft spot for the S&S style covers of yore, and this type of art and design harkens back to those days. It reminds me a bit of a Jeff (Catherine) Jones cover, for whatever reason. Although this being the UK edition, shouldn’t that be ‘Olde’?

    In any case, congratulations on the newest addition. It looks fantastic.

    • I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m hating on the US cover. I found it quite striking, and I loved the giant frost wolf.

  3. The US cover is no bad thing… but I like this one better. Something about the brush strokes is evocative of the S&S feel, I think… just like the US cover for Desert of Souls.

  4. I already told you this before, but I preferred the very first cover the first book got and now I prefer this one to the American one.

  5. Although the US cover isn’t bad it pales in comparison with this one. Charles Keegan did a tremendous job with both of them and if I was going through the aisles of a bookshop these covers would definitely make me to pick the books up. That if I didn’t know who the author is. 😉
    An awesome cover. Congratulations!

  6. Thanks, all. I appreciate your feedback! I wonder what non S&S readers think of the two covers.

  7. As the proud owner of the original painting from the Charles Keegan cover of Desert of Souls I would have to say both covers are way better then the U.S. versions. I hope he is also the artist for book 3 and beyond! And your a fantastic writer also. I think my cat could paint your covers and the would sell.

    • You’re the owner! Wow. That’s pretty cool; I love that painting.

      Thank you for the kind comments. I’m thrilled you enjoy the books. No offense meant to your cat, but a good cover is a tremendous help to books sales!

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