Ask Me Anything

I don’t mean RIGHT NOW, but next Thursday, January 31st, when I’ll be over at Reddit most of the evening. I’ll provide a link and all that as the day comes closer. I hope I can count on interested folks to help spread the word.

In other news, a friendly reader noticed that the FB link on my page wasn’t working. It is now, so if you wish to see what nonsense I’m posting daily, you can now click it, friend me, and find out. I tend to post much more often on FB than I do here, or on Twitter. I’ll confess — I still haven’t really figured out how to use Twitter effectively.

I’ve decided against a big ConFusion recap. Short form is that it was a wonderful convention, and I’ll definitely be returning next year. Not only did I reconnect with author and editor friends and talk with some readers, I met some new people I am pleased now to name friends. I flew up to Detroit Thursday morning to spend most of the day with my good friend the talented John Hocking, then wandered around with him and Steve Haffner for a while until I sat down to watch Salidin Ahmed and a group of folks playing a long game of Talisman. Over the next few days there were any number of highlights — a fantastic chat with Patrick Rothfuss on the subject of pacing (well, mostly he was brilliant, and I was nodding), helping Myke Cole brainstorm some silly questions for a Sunday panel on stupid questions, receiving some sage advice from Peter Orullian, talking story structure with Doug Hulick, and  relaxing, chatting, and dining with fine folk like Saladin Ahmed, Mary Robinette Kowal, Violette Malan, Brad Beaulieu, Brian McClellan, Scott Andrews, Michael Thomas, Michael J. Deluca, Amy Sundberg, Patrick Tomlinson, Mike Underwood, the indefatigable Sam Sykes, and a whole lot of other people… but remember how I said this wasn’t going to be a huge recap? So I’ll stop.

Right — it’s late, so I’m going to sign off so I have lots of time to write come the morning, after a good long rest.