Bald-Headed, Whispering Birds

I remember all sorts of songs and snatches of lyrics from when I was little, including a lot of goofy music for kids, pop hits from the early ’70s and, of course, most of the music of the Beatles (which my mom and I both loved — she’d put them on while she was working around the house).

But there was this odd little one-off song mom had on a single disc. Being little, I never asked why she had it, or when she’d picked it up, but I loved it too. I thought it was weird and funny when I was a tyke . And, unlike a whole lot of other matters that amused me when I was a little kid, I still think it’s weird and funny.

This, then, is “The Tennessee Bird Walk.” I looked it up online recently and it was still weird and wonderful. In case you’re curious, the lines that stuck with me over almost forty years since I’d last heard it were: “Remember me my darling, when spring is in the air, and the bald-headed birds are whispering everywhere.”

The Tennessee Bird Walk (Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan)

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