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Matthew, this is a Gorn. Note opposable thumbs.

Matthew, this is a Gorn. Note opposable thumbs.

Hocking pointed me towards something of a celebration of Leigh Brackett the other day on a site titled Glorious Trash. Seems like it’s a pretty cool site to poke around at, too. Joe Kennedy sat down to read both versions of “The Secret of Sinharat,” which is something I always meant to do, and then compared them in an essay, which is something I always meant to do. And he loved them, which is something I’ve always done.

Even if you haven’t fallen in love with the work of Leigh Brackett, you can get a sense of what a great writer she was if you swing by for a visit. And poke around a while there, because there’s other cool stuff to be found as well.

I’ve talked about Brackett a few times here on this site, of course —

Here, with Bill Ward when we looked at “The Moon that Vanished.”

And earlier this year, where Bill Ward and Fletcher Vredenburgh and I all joined forces to write about “The Last Days of Shandakor.

Now I’ve got to go work on my novel and get some more work done on Tales From The Magician’s Skull!

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  1. Thanks for the Gorn pic. You know change one letter in that sentence it would something entirely different.

    I was apparently the one who recommended Brackett to Joe Kennedy. I posted on his sight about another book that seemed to be a poor man’s version of Brackett. I had completely forgotten about it until I responded to the last post.

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