Link Day!

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Link Man returns today to provide safe, interesting, and fast loading links while I’m hard at work on my new series for St. Martin’s (Thomas Dunne Books). Verily, the new book is picking up speed, so I must send you elsewhere into the void in search of entertainment.

First, there’s this great article on The Mummy Returns from Alex Bledsoe. I have to confess that I never made it very far into this movie because I found the first few minutes really bad. I think a lot of people did. But now, in light of Alex’s essay, I may have to revisit it. He found a lot to admire about it, at least in its depiction of a female action hero. Take a look.

Second, here’s some writing theory from Michael Moorcock that I’ve always found pretty interesting. At the bottom is even more writing info, this from Lester Dent, which you should also read. Great tips. I don’t think that these will work for every writer, but there are certainly some universal truths there worth looking at.

Third, here are twelve letters that didn’t make the English alphabet, or, more precisely, that didn’t stay, and why. I was always pretty partial to the thorn, myself. Seems like it could be useful!

Fourth, here’s a sneak peak at the new season of Legend of Korra, plus some links to some webisodes. My family loves the Avatar series from Nickelodeon. Why haven’t I heard about any of this before now? Shouldn’t some of you have told me?

My work here is done. Link Man, away!

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