The Best of Harold Lamb

If you’re been reading and loving the Harold Lamb collections put out by Bison Books (edited by yours truly) and wanted to convert a new reader to the glories of Lamb’s prose, what stories would you want to hand over?

I’m thinking about putting a “best of” volume together and while I have some definite opinions on what stories are best, I wanted to throw this discussion wide and see what other people thought. For instance, I know my friend Deuce Richardson thinks the third volume of Cossack stories is when the series shines most brightly. What does everyone else think?

Name your favorite stories here, and if you like Harold Lamb, spread the word around to sites where other Lamb fans might be and tell them to report back here with their opinions on favorite stories. And yes, if I do this, I’m wanting to do a complete Durandal trilogy at the same time, although there are still some copyright issues to iron out.



4 Comments on “The Best of Harold Lamb

  1. Here are my four favorites. I lean toward the stories written in first person, it seems but there is one Third person Khlit that seriously rocks.

    An Edge to a Sword


    Tal Tulai Khan

    The Skull of Shirzad Mir

  2. I know that this post is from some time ago, but I still hope that you can make a “Best Of” Harold Lamb collection a reality. For my suggestion I would nominate “The Net” for inclusion. It is one of my favorite Lamb stories because it is both told through a very different cultural lens and is also universally human.

    • Thanks, Scott. That’s a good one, and very bleak. It reminds me just a little of “An Edge to the Sword” because of the tragic element.

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