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adv-backpackIt seems like everything’s coming up Kickstarters! No sooner do I announce that one old school role-playing game is getting to release a new edition, that I see another old school role-playing game is releasing an expansion. Yesterday Castles & Crusades announced that they’re going to print a new book with 13 additional classes, some new rules, and a host of new spells, amongst other things. What’s a fellow to do?

And then right around the corner is DVG’s launch of some new solitaire board games, and Lock ‘n Load publishing’s reprinting of Heroes of the Pacific and release of Heroes of North Africa not to mention a new compendium and their solo expansion… I guess I need to sell some more books so I can afford all of this fun stuff!

(Of course then I’d also need to find time to play and read it all….)

Anyway, the Adventurer’s Backpack for Castles & Crusades is available here. I wish there was some┬ádetail about what those classes are going to be, but system fan that I am, I’ve already signed up.

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