Return from the Con

great hall 2014

A low traffic moment in the Great Hall.

Last year I wrote a long account of my many GenCon adventures in part so those who’ve never been to the convention could have some sense of what it’s like. You can find those accounts here (part 1, 2, 3, and 4) if so inclined, as well as a post on why conventions are worth attending. This year I’ll be a little more to the point, owing to book deadlines and my own worry that so many blog posts about the convention might have bored visitors.

Paizo took fabulous care of me, as always, and I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to the entire staff for being so supportive and friendly. Marc Tassin and his amazing band of volunteers raised the bar again on the GenCon Writer’s Symposium. Judging from compliments I heard outside the panels, attendees were very happy with the information we provided, and I know that on the other side we thought we were doing a pretty good job staying on topic and providing data that our fellow writers would find of use.

high traffic

A high traffic moment in the Great Hall.

As always, at a convention you’ve visited before you deepen some friendships, transform some acquaintances into friends, and occasionally hit it off so well with others they move straight over to the friend column.

I met a lot of fans, which is always a blast, although my favorite was the young girl who came by with her parents to tell me how much she loved my Pathfinder Tales novels because of the heroic leading lady. I hope any adventure lover will enjoy these novels, of course, but I write all of my Pathfinder novels particularly with young girls in mind because I aim to present them with heroic leading role-models. I have a daughter myself! I forgot to show her the new action figure of Elyana, but I did tell her just a little about the upcoming novels.

Wyrd Miniatures

A great setting from Wyrd Miniatures.

Naturally I came back with some treasures, among them my Kickstarter copy of Primeval Thule, Erin M. EvansThe Adversary, and various gaming odds and ends. The Great Hall was even larger this year than last. I’m pretty sure I STILL never saw all the booths, despite lots of roaming.

monty python

These gents were in the hallway looking for a grail.

In short, I had a great time. I look forward to my return next year. I somehow avoided coming home with any con crud, although I’m still a little sleep deprived.

It’s always just a little sad coming back from a convention after being surrounded by fellow professionals. Writing is a lonely business, after all, and it’s pretty great to be able to wander out of your hallway every evening and chat with others in the same field. On the other hand, I really missed my family, and it’s great to be among them once more.

Click on any of these pictures to enlarge. Hopefully most of them are in focus!


Apparently there’s a new Spartacus board game. With expansions! Why am I always the last to learn these things?


More cool corridor decorations.


Towers of cards.

cool statue

I forgot to note what this display, also at Wyrd Miniatures, was called. I’m going with “Beer Keg Golem.” Someone should stat this up.