2017 Scheduled Appearances



Indianapolis, IN — August 17-20, 2017

Thursday, August 17

10:00 Writer’s Craft: Writing 101: The Basics–from POV to Punctuation. “Whether you’re brand new to the craft or need to brush up, we’ll cover the basics of good writing!” Held in Chamber with Dan Wells, Erik Scott de Bie and Kameron Hurley.

11:00 Novel Craft: Writing a Synopsis. “When should you write a synopsis? When an editor asks for a synopsis what are they looking for? And how do you write one?” Held in Causus with Lucy A. Snyder, Richard Lee Byers, Toni Weisskopf, and Moderator Karen Bovenmyer

6:00 Writer’s Life: How to Offer Effective Critiques. “The ability to offer effective critiques is an extremely valuable skill, an excellent networking tool, and a great way to improve your own writing.” Held in Cabinet with Steve Diamond.

Friday, August 15

10:00 Writer’s Craft: Getting it Right — The Role of Research. “As a writer, doing the research to get the details right is extremely important. We’ll explore how to research right.” Held in Capital 1 with Patrick Rothfuss and Maxwell Alexander Drake

1:00 Business of Writing: Story Length Labels – Novel vs. Novella vs. Short Story. “Where do you draw the line between novel and novella or short story and flash fiction? We’ll explain it all!” Held in Causus with Aaron Rosenberg, Christopher Morgan, and Lucy A. Snyder.

4:00 Writer’s Life: Is Writer’s Block a Myth? “People talk about Writer’s Block all the time, but is it a real thing? Join us as we sort out fact from fiction!” Held in Causus with Monica Valentinelli, Kelly McCullough, and Geoffrey Girard.

Saturday, August 16

12:00 Writing 101: Themes — What’s a Theme and Do You Need One? “Educators and experts always go on and on about the theme of a story, but what is it and should you worry about it?” Held  in Chamber with Beth Cato, Bradley P. Beaulieu, and Karen Bovenmyer.

3:00 Fantasy Fiction — Drawing from Mythology. “Mythology is a treasure trove of resources for authors looking to enrich their stories. Learn to draw on myth and legend to enhance your writing.” Held in Cabinet with Steven S. Long.

Sunday, August 17

11:00 – 1:00. Read and Critique Session G. Held in Cabinet.