2014 Scheduled Appearances

This is tentative. I may well fly out for Paizocon in July, and I might head out to Archon or a few other things, but right now I only have two appearances definitely scheduled.

Legendary ConFusion

Detroit     January 17-19 2014

Why Does Bones Need to be a White Guy?

Christian Klaver, Stina Leicht, Seleste deLaney, Howard  Andrew Jones, Gretchen Ash

9pm Friday – Southfield

The character of Ellen Ripley in Alien was originally written as a man. Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica benefited from a change of gender in the newest incarnation of the show. For a very long time, the assumption has seemed to be that a character is a white male by default, unless the story requires otherwise. When this assumption is challenged, the results can be wonderful. Here we discuss some of our favorite instances of the gender or race-swapped character, and look at why this makes some already compelling stories even more so.

Historical Fantasy with Howard Andrew Jones

11am Saturday – Rotunda

Historical Fantasy author Howard Andrew Jones answers your questions about blending research and imagination into something magical. How does this process work, and what has he learned to focus on an avoid?

Faking History

Brigid Collins, Brian McClellan, Kameron Hurley, C.C. Finlay, Howard Andrew Jones

1pm Sunday – Erie

Legends generally take time. History has a weight that helps to propel the present and inform a culture. In building an epic backstory in fantasy or science fiction, how does one do that? Flat out stating “there is a legend of this thing with a badger” only serves to make an audience look for the badger, so how does one craftily insert these details without a reader taking conscious notice? Who does this well, and what can we learn from some others who have done it less well?

Gaming and Writing

Carrie Harris, Saladin Ahmed, Howard Andrew Jones, Brian McClellan

2pm Sunday – Rotunda

Many authors grew up playing games: tabletop, roleplaying, live action, or a mix of all three. Games, tie-in fiction, and the experience of constructing a shared narrative all help develop the drive to write, and can have an impact that lasts far into an author’s career. This panel discusses what they learned about storytelling from the act of gaming.


Indianapolis, IN — August 14-17, 2014