2014 Scheduled Appearances



Indianapolis, IN — August 14-17, 2014

Thursday, August 14

9:00 Writer’s Craft: Writing 101. “In this introduction to writing, we cover everything from the grammar basics to punctuation. It’s a one-hour crash course that’s perfect for new writers or authors looking to brush up their skills.” Held in Room 243 with Michael Z. Williamson, Jason Schmetzer, Andrea Howe, and Moderator Elizabeth Vaughan.

1:00 – 3:00. I’ll be at the Paizo booth in the Great Hall.

3:00 Writer’s Craft: Team Dynamics. “Learn to make a group of characters more than just a bunch of people in the same room, and explore how the team is impacted by the growth of the individual characters in it.” Held in Room 245 with Erik Scott de Bie, David B. Coe, Carrie Harris and Moderator John Helfers.

6:00 Writer’s Craft: Editing Your Work. “Make your stories the very best they can be with these tips, tricks, and techniques for editing your own work.” Held  in Room 245 with Geoffrey Girard, Kameron Hurley and Moderator Kelly Swails.


Friday, August 15

10:00 Editing: What is an Editor? “What is an editor? Who assigns them to your project? What do they do? And can you ignore their advice? All the secrets of editors will be revealed in this illuminating panel!” Held in Room 244 with Gabrielle Harbowy, Jerry Gordon, Erin Evans and Moderator Kerrie Hughes.

11:00 – 1:00. I’ll be at the Paizo booth in the Great Hall.

3:00 Writer’s Craft: Writing a Synopsis. “Learn what a synopsis is, what it’s for, and how to write one. We’ll also look at the different ways to write a synopsis based on your target audience.” Held in Room 243 with Greg Wilson and Moderator Marc Tassin.

7:00 Writer’s Craft: Twists Vs. Gimmicks. “Explore the difference between twists that make stories interesting and gimmicks that make readers groan. Tips and tricks for walking the thin line between interesting surprises and tired tropes.” Held in Room 245 with Brian McClellan, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Greg Wilson, and Moderator Don Bingle.

Saturday, August 16

9:00 Writer’s Life: Writer’s Toolbox. “Go beyond Google Searches as we dig into the tools writers rely on to craft their stories . From tips on performing expert interviews to online resources, our panelists share their favorite tools.” Held  in Room 245 with Chris Jackson, Jason Schmetzer, Sam Sykes, and Moderator Elizabeth Vaughan.

11:00 – 1:00. I’ll be at the Paizo booth in the Great Hall.

Sunday, August 17

10:00 – 12:00. I’ll be at the Paizo booth in the Great Hall.

3:00 Paizo Pathfinder Tales Seminar. Room 231.