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Last week I announced I was busy behind the scenes with the writing of book 3 and promotion of book 2, and that remains the case. But I have emerged from my cloak of secrecy to reveal the map that will be printed within The Bones of the Old Ones.

Topography and icons were drawn by the brilliant S. Jones (my wife!) and lettering was done by the talented Omar Chapa.

The map is not meant to show all important places in the region, merely those places Asim himself would find of interest. For instance, he never once mentions Damascus over the course of his narrative, but Asim would surely think the city important because of its fame as a manufacturing center for wonderful swords.

Map follows the break. Incidentally, if it wasn’t already clear, my wife is wonderful.


8 Comments on “The Map

  1. I like the area and how it’s framed. You forget how much water actually surrounds that part of the world. Most maps we see in the West tend to be Mediterranean-centric, so seeing it like this is both refreshing and revealing.

    • Absolutely. The region is far more complex than we’re usually shown. I think my brilliant wife chose the perfect distance out, and I love Omar’s frame for it.

  2. My compliments to your wife, sir. I look forward to seeing this map in person and in its natural environment, tucked between covers.

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