Monthly Archives: January 2015

2015 Resolutions

Howard ZebrasI haven’t been a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy for years. I suppose I had talked myself into thinking it was cheesy or unnecessary or something of the kind.

But I’ve been fighting the blues off and on for a number of months now for reasons detailed earlier, so this year I came up with a pretty simple phrase to help me remember my resolutions, one that I can repeat to myself in the mornings as I wake. (I try to remember, when I rise, to be grateful for all I have, but sometimes that’s difficult when the alarm shrieks me into consciousness to make sure the children are up and moving.)

Lord Dunsany Re-Read: Time and the Gods Part 3

time and the godsBill Ward and I are continuing our Lord Dunsany re-read with the next two stories published in the original Time and the Gods (not the omnibus). You can find a free copy of the book here and join in the discussion. Our rating system is pretty simple. One star is a standout, and two stars is truly notable. Most of Lord Dunsany’s fantasy work is already fairly remarkable, so even a “no star” story on this scale may be worth a look.