Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

Stalking the Beast

My new book is out, NOW! You want monsters, monster slayers, death defying feats, a canny, intelligent female leader? Check out Stalking the Beast. It’s a standalone sequel to Plague of Shadows, which means that most of the heroes who happened to survive the first book take center stage in the second. Get thee to a store and get to reading!

Here’s the official back cover copy:  “When a mysterious monster carves a path of destruction across the southern River Kingdoms, desperate townsfolk look to the famed elven ranger Elyana and her half-orc companion Drelm for salvation. For Drelm, however, the mission is about more than simple justice-it’s about protecting the frontier town he’s adopted as his home, and the woman he plans to marry. Together with the gunslinging bounty hunter Lisette and several equally deadly allies, the heroes must set off into the wilderness, hunting a terrifying beast that will test their abilities-and their friendships-to the breaking point and beyond. But could it be that there’s more to the murders than a simple rampaging beast?”

For more details, visit SF Signal, where I was recently interviewed by Patrick Hester about both this novel and my Dabir and Asim books. Or you can swing by Paizo and look over my Q & A about the book, or read an essay where I talk about both writing for Paizo and my gaming background.