Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

Link Day

(Link Man copyright Darian Jones.)

It’s Link Day again here at Jones central, as I’m hard at work battling mountains of prose.

First, a fascinating but grisly look at some skeletons dripping with jewels found in catacombs and churches in Europe. Seriously, if you’re creeped out by skeletons and tombs, don’t follow the link. As an added bonus, the captions are perhaps among the worst ever written, but not quite so bad as to be actually amusing. They just repeat, word-for-word, what is said in the accompanying text.

Second, some ruined cities, as revealed at I09. Some are more mysterious than others, but it is worth a read.

Third, and completely unrelated to the theme I have going with Indiana Jones-like stuff, a great post from author Chuck Wendig on 25 ways to revise your work.

My work here is done. Link Man, away!