Daily Archives: September 27, 2012

Heading for the Shadows

What I’m actually doing is heading for Shadowlands, a book by my writer friend Violette Malan. I got to read and blurb the book, but for some reason my blurb wasn’t incorporated on the book jacket. I describe it as “Inventive, compelling, and crammed with action.” And it is. It’s urban fantasy with engaging twists, fascinating characters, and stirring action sequences, but it seems to be flying under the radar so that reviewers are missing out on it. Thus I am spreading the word. I hope you’ll check it out.

Here’s the official cover copy:

“The war in the Land of the Faerie has finally ended. Prince Cassandra dispatches Stormwolf, formerly a Hound but cured by his prince’s magic and restored to the Rider he once was, to the Shadowlands to call home the People who remain refugees there. But Stormwolf finds the Hounds of the Wild Hunt now prey upon the souls of the humans, draining them of the magic which is the very lifeblood of the People. With the help of Valory Martin, a mortal psychic, Stormwolf must find the magic needed to defeat the Hunt before it’s too late.”

It’s the second book in the series, but I was able to catch on to what was happening pretty quickly without feeling like I’d walked into the second half of a movie.