Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Galleys, then ARCs, then… the Book!

My galleys arrived the other day. Those are the printed copies of pages as they will look (as far as spacing and fonts) once they’re actually bound into the final book. As a result, The Bones of the Old Ones is starting to feel more and more real, because now I can see what it will look like when laid out. (After this I’ll see it in an advanced reader’s copy, or ARC… and then the real thing.)

I’ll be spending the next week going over the text a final time. Of course, at this point in the process I really have to keep changes to a minimum because the book is now laid out, and each change here could re-wrap all the words in the entire chapter… and that, as you can probably guess, can be a huge problem and expense.

Once I turn the galleys back over to St. Martin’s/Thomas Dunne Books, I have to start gearing up for the marketing push. One aspect of that will be designing a newer, snazzier web site, but I will also be needing to get out there talking about my book and writing and doing everything I possibly can to spread news that it’s coming soon.