Daily Archives: November 5, 2011

November News

I’ve only emerged from my writer’s cave a few time over the last few months. Mostly I’ve either been picking away at the upcoming short story collection, or revising the second Dabir and Asim novel, The Bones of the Old Ones, to be released in late spring of 2012.

In mid-October I sat down with the editor/publisher of the first Dabir and Asim story I ever wrote, Fraser Ronald. He and a talented group of friends run a podcast called Accidental Suvivors, and they were kind enough to invite me on for a chat about writing, editing, Harold Lamb, gaming, and related topics. You can find it here.

The new short story collection of Dabir and Asim stories is titled The Waters of Eternity and is available for pre-order now at iBooks, Amazon, and likely other places besides. I’ll have further updates as the release gets closer. For now, though, here’s a pic of the cover. I don’t yet have artist information, but I’ll be supplying it next week.